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Social capital

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16 January 1975
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always/never, be, beer yaakov, being apart, brainwash, but genesis, closing time, coming soon, courage, dandelion vine, danmark, dansk, dogville, easy living.dk, energy, errors in vivo, errors when done, eyes' owner, films, frazer, fremskridt, frihed, genealogy, getting older, greenland, groendal, hares in potsdam, have an idea, henrich boll, hjemme, hoeg, hunkon, hurtighed, hus, hus-mus-lus, husk paa, hver sit, i mangel af bedre, iceland, if, inside, ireland, israel, kaerlighed ved forste hik, knut hamsun, kærlighed, lars von trier, layers, new morning, norway, not thinking, now, numbers, odd and even, oil colors, outside, overflodighed, painting, portugal, quality, roots, saa godt som aldrig, saed, saer, scotland, sculpture, september, sigrid, smilla's sense of snow, sms, soul if any, storytelling, sweden, talking heads, text in a window, the golden bough, through the word, timing, to feel, twenty first of june, up the downstair case, various past(s), water colors, what-is-in-their-mind, when it's autumn, will be perfect, вариативность прошлого, до и после, до следующего, добавить еще один интерес, договорить(ся), долго, достучаться, м.м., прозаическое в лирике, фальсифицированное движение пространства


история, общество, религия, еда, медицина, дети, россия, лытдыбр, транспорт, ссср

Social capital

  • less than 10